Boo Boo Salve 2oz

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Boo Boo Salve

This is our go-to for stings/bites, cuts, and scrapes. Kids love this salve and request it often; I give this salve to all the people with little ones in their life. The main plant friend in this salve is Plantain, which I gather in the spring.

This salve is also a wonderful gift to folks whose hands could use some soothing at the end of the day (think farmers, brewers, gardeners, people who work in construction).

I also added Mullein flowers grown and gathered by my friends, and Calendula flowers from our garden. Both flowers are known for their pain relieving and infection-fighting properties. Calendula is also one of the most beloved herbs for treating skin irritation and supporting wound healing—you’ll find it in many of my recipes. A few drops of Lavender and Tea Tree essential oil round out this sweet little salve with their scent and antimicrobial properties.

Ingredients: Olive oil, Sweet almond oil, Apricot kernel oil, Jojoba oil, Plantain leaf, Mullein flower*, Calendula flower*, Beeswax, Lavender + Tea tree essential oil

all organic // *from our garden

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