Hildegard Sessions #1 Thu 3/2 7-9pm

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HILDEGARD SESSION #1 Thursday March 2 // 7-9pm

We are thrilled to turn our workshop space into a small gathering space where local musicians share their compositions. There are only 20 tickets! This is a 21+ event.

Our first Hildegard Session will feature
Jeremiah Moon and Brit Amborn
70% of ticket sales will go to the artists

Singer-songwriter Brit Amborn (she/her) lends her time to mild hyperfixations: unkempt garden roses, attachment theory, warm Arizona nights on a back porch, meteorology, reoccurring dreams about haunted houses and being late to that party that one time, and a persistent gravitational pull towards either a present-minded romanticism, or nostalgia-drenched escapism. The songs and poems she writes exist somewhere between these lines, using music as a salve to turn emotional injury into relational fortitude, as a tool to move forward from her own obsessions with worry and place and longing and what stories the body claims for keeps. Brit is releasing an EP this year with the help of talented friends and a new, clumsy but earnest desire to learn electric guitar—distanced from the comfortable home of her piano roots—and is eager to let her stories be shaped and revealed by unfamiliar sounds and landscapes.
Jeremiah Moon is a Seattle-based singer/songwriter, cellist, illustrator and designer. He began playing cello at the age of 7 and continued to study through college, earning a music performance degree from Boston University in 2013 before exiting off the classical music highway and beginning to hew his own style.
Jeremiah's music bears the mark of the musicians who inspired it, channeling influences as disparate as Sufjan Stevens, Claude Debussy, The Cranberries, and Laurie Spiegel -- all the while carving out its own distinct path. His debut EP “Sputnik” was released by Enci Records in January 2022.

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