Lavender Plant Bundle

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Includes: Lavender (multiple varieties)

The Lavender in these little bundles was gathered this summer in our garden and the Beacon Food Forest, on Duwamish Land. They make lovely gifts or can be placed on your altar or any place in your home where you'd like to invoke a sense of beauty or reverence. I like to leave them in nature as an offering to the Earth.

You can also burn the bundles. Smoke is medicine, people in cultures all over the world have known this for millennia. Make sure you have a flameproof container nearby as you center yourself and light the end of your bundle. Blow or gently fan out the flame if it doesn't go out on its own.

I like to use only a little bit of the bundle each time, but you can continue to relight it if you want more smoke to work with. Smoke medicine is subtle. There are many uses, including clearing and blessing your space, prayer, and connecting to our senses. Sometimes it helps to 'open up' the bundle by removing some of the twine so there's more oxygen available for the flame.

Please be mindful and actively avoid culturally appropriative terms and practices when using aromatic plant smokes.

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