Lemon Balm Talk w/ Rosa - June 17 10-11am

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Come join Rosa for our June Plant Talk learning from our lovely guide, Lemon Balm. Known as the 'gladdening herb', many people will be familiar with Lemon Balm (Melissa Officinalis) as a tea herb. The Greek word for honeybee is Mélissa, and yes, bees love this plant.

Bright green and aromatic, this plant friend can lift our spirits, calm our nerves, and strengthen our vitality. It is the main ingredient in Carmelite water, distilled by French monks. There is much more to share about this versatile and easy to grow plant.

This is an experiential class, we will smell, taste, and look at Lemon Balm as well as learn how people around the world have turned to this jovial plant for healing, daily care, and joy. You'll receive a handout with recipes, and get to bring home a bottle of Lemon Balm Hydrosol distilled by Rosa. Bring a notebook.

Classes are purposely small so there's room for conversation and your questions--we cover a lot of ground in one hour. This class will be in our small upstairs gathering space which requires going up a flight of stairs. Please reach out to us if you have questions about the accessibility of our space.


Rosa Vissers (she/her) is the co-owner of Hildegard. She grew up in The Netherlands and fondly remembers making “potions” out of flowers and lake water as a child. Starting in her oma's garden, Rosa has continued to tend plants in parking strips, gardens large and small, and windowsills. About a decade ago Rosa started pursuing formal training in herbalism and growing medicinal plants. She completed two Permaculture Design Certificates, and studied with Natalie Hammerquist of Adiantum School, Asia Suler of One Willow, City Fruit, and others. The plants continue to be her guiding teachers.

Rosa's other big love is movement. A dance artist and teacher with an international performance career spanning 20 years, she now mostly dances in her living room with her toddler. She deeply believes in the intelligence of our bodies, and her dance and yoga classes are an invitation to connect with the wisdom that lives in our cells. She worked with Yoga Behind Bars from 2009-2023, serving as Executive Director, facilitating Trauma-Informed Yoga trainings, and sharing yoga with hundreds of incarcerated people throughout Washington.

Rosa weaves all of these loves and tools together in her classes, inviting participants to use all of their senses when learning from and with the plants.

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