Little Sunbeam - Calendula Salve 1oz

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Sunbeam is here for you. A little sunlight to carry in your pocket or in your medicine cabinet for when your skin (or your heart) needs a little extra nourishment.

As with everything we make, Little Sunbeam started with a seed (or many seeds). These seeds became baby Calendula plants which were nurtured and loved on all growing season long--both in the Hildegarden and at Duvall Herb Farm. Once the flowers appeared they were handpicked and dried slowly to preserve as much of their vibrancy as possible.

Calendula is not the only flower in the mix here. We also added Mullein flowers and Yarrow for their wound healing magic. These were all infused into organic oils before being blended with local organic beeswax. This balm is so gentle and sweet, and it smells like a summer field.

This is a firmer salve than most of our offerings, which makes it great for warmer summer temps (it won't melt as easily). This salve is also fabulous as a lip balm or for when you want a bit more of a protective layer on your skin.

There are no essential oils in this salve, just plants.

Ingredients: Olive oil, Apricot oil, Calendula flowers*, Yarrow*, Mullein* flowers, Beeswax

all organic // *from our garden

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