Spring Support - Nettle Oxymel

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SPRING SUPPORT - Stinging Nettle Oxymel

If you are a ritual maker, if you are a dream haver, or a sensitive person, Nettle will be your aid in myriad ways. Consider Nettle as you forge new paths, need extra support, establish new boundaries, and also, when you simply need to sit down and laugh, deep from your belly. -- from The Dirt Gems by Anne Louise Burdett & Chelsea Granger

To make our Spring Support Stinging Nettle Oxymel we used raw organic apple cider vinegar and local organic honey. We ethically gathered the Nettles ourselves, one of our annual spring rituals. Considered an 'alterative herb' Stinging Nettle is an amazing spring season ally. Rich in minerals which are extracted beautifully by the apple cider vinegar (iron, calcium, potassium, silicon, magnesium, manganese, zinc, chromium) as well as vitamins and protein, Stinging Nettle is deeply nourishing. Nettle has a strong affinity with the kidneys and has diuretic properties.

Oxymels have been prepared for millennia. The word “oxymel” is derived from Greek meaning Oxy = Acid and Meli = Honey, or acid and honey. Usually people use raw Apple Cider Vinegar and combine it with honey to make an oxymel. On their own, Apple Cider Vinegar and honey form a beneficial duo to help boost the immune system, soothe the throat, and address digestive trouble. Add medicinal plants et voilà you have an even more potent, delicious, and versatile tonic. One you can use daily to support and nurture your overall health. Oxymels are alcohol free.

When not in use, store your oxymels in a cool dark place.

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