Welcome! We’re so glad you’re here.

We’re Howard and Rosa, co-owners of Hildegard Ferments & Botanicals. As the smallest brewery and apothecary in Seattle, we craft a diverse array of specialty beers and plant medicines. Guided by the seasons and flavors of the Pacific Northwest, our offerings tell a story of place, time, and relationship. We make things by hand we love ourselves and are excited to share them with you, our community.

We hope to see you at the Hildeshop soon,

Howard & Rosa

Howard is drawn to the magic of fermentation and the transformation of simple ingredients into something greater. He has spent the past two decades tirelessly drinking; seeking new flavors and filing them away to his flavor memories. Before starting Hildegard, Howard had been homebrewing for over 10 years where he honed his craft and developed a deep appreciation for classic European styles and old world brewing techniques.

Howard is a first generation immigrant from Taiwan and grew up mostly in his family restaurant, “Szechuan Garden”. It was neither Szechuan nor a Garden. Regardless, he believes the foods we eat and the drinks we drink are an expression of our history, culture, and humanness. For him, joy comes from bringing people together over a shared meal and drinks; in celebration of all the small things in the everyday.

Howard is an engineer by trade, a father, and a maker. His deep respect for this land and its natural ingredients inspire him to continue to create unique offerings that reflect our home and moments in time.

Howard walking through an orchard pulling a wagon full of apples
Close up image of Rosa holding a basket of nettles

Rosa was born and raised in The Netherlands and fondly remembers making “potions” out of flowers and lake water as a young child. Throughout her life she has tended plants in parking strips, gardens large and small, and windowsills. She has completed two permaculture design certificates, a fruit tree stewardship program, and is an ongoing student of herbalism since 2015. The plants continue to be her guiding teachers.

Rosa is a mama, artist, and yoga instructor. From 2009-2022, she was part of Yoga Behind Bars, serving as Executive Director from 2013-2019. She’s a contributing editor and contributor to two Yoga Service Council books, Best Practices for Yoga in the Criminal Justice System (2017) and Best Practices for Yoga with Survivors of Sexual Trauma (2020).

A dance artist with an international performance career spanning 20 years, she now mostly dances in her living room with her daughter. Rosa has a deep commitment to building resilient communities where everyone belongs. Enter Hildegard, where her love for plants, creativity, and community building come together in a beautiful way.