Flowerful Series

Flowerful is our Biere de Coupage series. Expect a nuanced balanced blend with depth and drinkability that shifts with each iteration.  

Biere de Coupage is an old brewing technique that blends (or cuts) a young beer with an aged beer to provide the best characteristics of each. Flowerful is informed by these techniques and interpreted through our Hildegard lens. Locally foraged and grown botanicals are infused and blended with our saisons and palette of barrel aged stock. 

Griggs – Flowerful #4

Griggs is our sweet, well lived/loved neighbor who reached out to see if we could make use of some beautiful Cascade hops. He grows these every year and usually sends them to his son to brew with.  Fortunately for us, his son was unable to use them this year and he reached out to us. These storied hops have made their way into a now famous Fremont brewery’s first fresh hop beer many years ago. “A little brewery down the street” as Griggs likes to say with a twinkle in his eye.

A fresh hop farmhouse ale conditioned with orange peel and calendula flowers. Orangcot (Orange + Apricot) fruit with some dusty sandalwood.

4.9% abv
750ml boyar

Flowerful #3 – Lupo Bianco

A hop forward saison and a bit of well matured barrel beer got together for a rest of medium length to get familiar with one another. It was then dry hopped with Cashmere and Idaho 7 Lupomax and Chamomile flowers. The results are of a soft tropical floral funk and zests of citrus melange on top of a fluffy bottom.

6.1% abv
750ml bottle

Flowerful #2 – Geranium

A barrel fermented Golden Ale blended with a lil saison and Geranium* flowers + a wink of tropical hops. We think it’s like star fruit custard topped with grapefruit flower zest and fresh pine drizzle… but you tell us (- ‿ ◦)

75cl(4.0% abv)
*from our garden

Flowerful #1 – Calendula

Well aged Calendula Saison blended with our Lux Belgian Pale. For our Calendula Saison, both fresh and dried flowers harvested from our garden, were added throughout the fermentation to capture and layer the floral complexities of this bright friend. The result is a fluffy springtime dry citrus marmalade and tastes like the color orange.

750ml bottle
3.9% abv