Viriditas Jun

Jun, pronounced “Joon” is tea fermented with honey. We start our Jun with the finest organic tea and local raw honey. We use a slow fermentation approach, so the Jun culture has plenty of time to develop its sparkle and unique flavor. Finally, we infuse the Jun with tasty botanicals and a lot of love and care. The result is a refreshing, effervescent, and enchanting drink. 

Jun – Hibiscus Rose
Hibiscus Rose is our oldest Jun recipe and one that we are very proud of. We use Rose Petals from Duvall Herb Farm and deep magenta Hibiscus flowers to create a pink hued potion with an aromatic perfume tucked up next to a dry sweet tart. A blend of Organic Oolong teas provides an earthy boundary for the soft Oregon Wildflower honey to amplify the flowers.

16 oz can
1.5% abv (alcohol by volume)