Pomona Series

We make Pomona as a nod to the deep roots of Apples and craft beer in Washington. Pomona is freshly pressed cider from wild and cultivated cider apples, cofermented with an actively fermenting saison. Each blend is a unique capsule of a year-long cycle of Apple blossoms, fruit, grain, and yeasts.

The 2022 blend uses fruit from Jerzy Boyz Farm in Chelan, WA, City Fruit, and foraged fruit from untended apple trees in and around the Seattle area.

Last fall we crushed and let the apple must* macerate on the pomace for additional extraction and mingling time for the native yeasts. Then we pressed and introduced an actively fermenting saison. We let this slowly ferment over the winter.

In spring we bottled and conditioned the blend with raw wildflower honey and Cassia bark. Tart fragrant wild apples with melon mousse and baking spices finishing with a lively texture.