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Warming + Aromatic Pine Salve
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Warming, aromatic, and stimulating, this balm was made with Pine resin gathered sustainably at our friends' Samara Farm in Acme, WA.

Pine is warming and stimulates circulation--this balm is wonderful to help soothe achy joints and sore muscles. Pine resin is also highly antimicrobial which is why it is so highly regarded for preventing infections in cuts and scrapes.

You can also use this balm as a chest rub. The volatile terpenes (aromatic compounds) in Pine resin can help relieve respiratory congestion.

Pine resin is considered a counterirritant. Other examples of counterirritants are Cayenne, Stinging Nettle (used topically), and Menthol. Counterirritants are used to stimulate circulation and evoke mild inflammation of the skin to evoke a strong local immune response to help speed up the body’s healing process (or in other words relieve a deeper inflammation).

Ingredients: Olive oil, Pine Resin, Beeswax.

all organic // *from our garden

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